Boys Under 12 T. Maloney J. Hayhurst I. Hammond  
Boys Under 15 . S. Mason J. Thompson S. Brocklebank  
Boys Under 18 C. Walton M. Dugue G. Benson  
Girls Under 15 K. Brown H. Hodgson C. Hodgson  
Girls Under 18 T. Hodgson D. Thompson J. Whigham  
Women's 10 Stone B. Ridley E. Letort H. Hodgson  
Women's All Weights T. Hodgson D. Thompson B. Ridley  
Mens 11 Stone R. Clark A. Wharton E. Salaun  
Mens 12 Stone John Harrington L. Boucher R. Clark  
Mens 13 Stone John Harrington G. Brocklebank A. Walton  
Mems 14 Stone Joe Harrington A. Walton Y. Salaun  
Mens All Weights R. Leiper J. Hirsch John Harrington  
Best Local Wrestler        
Guinness Trophy        
Best Costume Boys        
Best Costume Girls        
Best Costume Men        


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