Cumberland & Westmorland Wrestling 2018

GRASMERE SPORTS 2018        
  Under 12 mixed        
1st Rosie Hodgson        
2nd Aaron Younger        
3rd Myles Stainton        
4th Mason Benson        
  Boys under 15     Girls Under 15
1st Gus Singer     1st Rosie Hodgson
2nd Thomas Wilson   2nd Kelsey Cordukes
3rd Nick Atts     3rd Ellie Ann Stainton
4th Tyson Benson   4th Millie Harrison
  Boys under 18     Girls under 18
1st Zak Singleton   1st Lea Quillien
2nd Matthew Lamont   2nd Gemma Coulthard
3rd  Ryan Armstrong   3rd Enora Fedieuy
4th Thomas Davidson   4th Alice Bates  
  Ladies 10 stone     Womens All weights
1st Connie Hodgson   1st Hannah Hodgson
2nd Lea Quillem   2nd Connie Hodgson
3rd Cyudi Salavy   3rd Cyndi Salaun
4th Hannah Hodgson   4th Morgane Philippe
  Boys 8 Stone     Men 11 stone
1st Matty Hodgson   1st Andrew Carlile
2nd Frazer Cairns   2nd Gurvan Le Meur
3rd May Bates     3rd  Michael Kirkham
4th William Wilkins   4th Helari Cocil
  Men 12 stone     Men 13 stone
1st John Harrington   1st Ben Brocklebank
2nd  Jack Brown   2nd Jack Brown
3rd Greg Neilson   3rd Richard Fox
4th Andrew Carlile   4th  Greg Neilson
  Men 14 stone     Men All Weights
1st Graham Brocklebank   1st Thomas Brocklebank
2nd  Jack Brown   2nd  Jack Brown
3rd Gwenhael Cisse   3rd Sam Wilkinson
4th Julien Rault   4th Thomas Gibson


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