Dog Shows 2018

Total Entries:  54  -  in spite of the dreadful weather!
1st      Alfie, 4 month old Jack Russell, shown by Max from Grassington
2nd     Monty,  10 month old Miniature Golden Doodle, shown by Ava from Lancaster
3rd      Milo, 6 month old Collie, shown by Zoe from Tring
1st      Mimi, 10 month old Miniature Dachshund, shown by Emmie from Whitehaven
2nd     Swift, 4 month old Golden Retriever, shown by Annabelle from Carlisle
3rd      Cassie, 10 month old Clumber Spaniel, shown by Janet from Preston
BEST PUPPY IN SHOW;   Alfie, Winner, Puppy Dog class
1st      Louis, 5 year old Whippet, shown by Anya from Lytham
2nd     Chester, 7 year old English Red Setter, shown by Peter from Neath
           * Chester has been placed in the Adult Dog class every year since 2012
3rd      Stanley, 2 year old Hungarian Vizsla, shown by Abigail from Stratford, Sussex
4th      Maverick, 2 year old Miniature Dachshund, Shown by Emmie from Whitehaven
5th      Bertie, 18 month old Golden Retriever, shown by Andrew from Nottingham
1st      Sika, 4 year old Golden Retriever, shown by Tom from Carlisle
2nd     Lola,  4 year old Whippet, shown by Andrea from Lytham
3rd      Nellie, 2 year old Norfolk Terrier, shown by Pepita from Calthwaite
4th      Sadie,  2 year old Retriever/Lab/Collie/Newfie cross, shown by Sarah from London
5th      Dotty, 2 year old Cocker Spaniel, Shown by Teagan from Grasmere
BEST ADULT DOG OR BITCH IN SHOW;   Sika, Winner, Adult Bitch class
1st      Paddy, 10 year old Lakeland Terrier, shown by Carol from Preston
2nd     Digby, 10 year old Labrador, shown by Vanda from Cartmel Fell
1st      Bess, 8 year old Working Border Collie, shown by Paul from Whitehavem
2nd     Bubble, 8 year old Blue Merle Border Collie, shown by Di from Rochester, Kent
BEST VETERAN IN SHOW;  Paddy, Winner, Veteran Dog class
SPECIAL RESCUE DOG AWARD:     Ralph, three and a half year old Saluki cross, found
abandoned, coated in muck and with no muscle strength when rescued by Morland
Dog Rescue a year ago, and given a home by Rory from Leek, Staffs.     Ralph was
initially so nervous he could not possibly have been entered in a show like ours, but
now bounded joyfully round the ring, and won his owner a voucher for a 15 Kg bag of
Skinner’s Field & Trial, generously donated by Skinner’s Dog Food.
We are grateful to the following sponsors whose generosity enabled us to give
treats and rewards to all dogs entered in the Show:
Akela WholePrey,  Skinner’s Premium Quality British Dog Food,
CSJ K9, Millie’s Wolfheart, Nature’s Menu


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