Honorary Presidents

  H. M. Lord Lieutenant of Cumbria,  The High Sheriff of Cumbria


J. H. Harris Esq.  J. P.,  D. L.

Vice Presidents

  W. V. Gubbins Esq.,  The Lord Hothfield D. L.


C. H. Bagot Esq. J. P., D. L. (Chairman)


P. R. W. Hensman Esq. O. B. E.,  D. L. (Vice Chairman)

H. C. F. Bowring Esq. J. P., D. L.

E. J. Clarkson Webb Esq.


R. Gifford Esq.

R. E. Hart-Jackson Esq.


L. H. Harwood Esq. O. B. E.

J. Hibbert Esq.

J. S. Hollins-Gibson Esq.

J. Lambton Esq.


Mrs C. Shaw

M. Southern Esq.

Mrs J. Spencer


R. Stokes Esq.

J. E. Taylor Esq.

Sports Manager:-

Sqn Ldr George Gale RAF (Rtd)



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