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Grand Arena Programme 2018

All timings are approx. and may change see Programme for full timings.

10.00hrs           The Queen & Bellman followed by the Adamson Band

10.00 onwards   Children’s Sprint Races (5/6 Yr, Boys & Girls)

                       Start Puppy Trail

10.50 approx      U10’s Long Leap NOTE: Sprint Track 2

                       200 M Track Race (9-16 Yr, Boys & Girls)

                       Finish Puppy Trail

11.00 approx      200M Track Race Finals (9-16 Yr, Boys & Girls)

                       U8’s Long Leap NOTE: Sprint Track 2

11.40                Start Open Restricted Trail

                       Children’s Sprint Races     (9/10 Yr, Boys and Girls)

                       Finish Open Restricted Trail

12.00 approx      800 M Track Race 9-16 Yr Girls

                       Start Veteran Open Trail

                       800 M Track Race 9-16 Yr Boys

12.00 approx      Adamson Band 

                       U17’s Long Leap NOTE: Sprint Track 2

                       Finish Veteran Open Trail

12.30 approx      U9s Fell Race    

                       U14’s Long Leap NOTE: Sprint Track 2

13.00 approx      H & M Dog Display.   

13.30-14.30       Children’s Fun Races 5-10yrs (Egg Spoon, Three Legged, Sack Races) NOTE: SPRINT Track 2

13.35               Start Senior Hounds Trail (Fell Hound Derby) Not Main Arena

13.30 approx      U12’s Fell Race

13.30                Adamson Band

14.00 approx      Finish Senior Hound Trail (Adamson Band)

                       Children’s Sprint Races (7/8 Yr, Boys & Girls)

14.30 approx      U14’s Fell Race  

                       U12’s Long Leap NOTE: Sprint Track 2

14.50-15.05       Adult 800M Race Men & Ladies.

15.10                U17’s Fell Race

15.30-16.00       H & M Dog Display

16.10                Start Senior Guides Race (incl Band)

16.10 approx      Adamson Band Enter Arena

. Finish Senior Guides (incl Band)

16.30-17.00       Adamson Band

17.00                Bellman/Finale


Show Arena Programme 2018

11.20hrs          Jesters Juggling Participation & Demonstration (Adults &Children welcome)

12.00 approx      Dangerous Steve

12.00 approx      Pet Dog Show Puppies/Adults/Veterans

14.00                Jesters Juggling Participation & Demonstration (Adults & Children welcome)

                       Dangerous Steve

15.00 approx      Fun pull, Tug of War

 15.45             Tug of War Final

 16.00  16.30   Para-gliding ground Demonstration

Wrestling Arena

2 Rings, Weigh In starts 10.30hrs. Wrestling starts 11.00 and ends 16.45hrs approx. (see wrestling page)

Marquee 50

10.00-12.15      Dog Show Entries

09.30-14.40     Track Racing/ Children Sprints /LONG LEAPEntries


Fell Racing


All runners register in the Pavilion Office.


Children’s Sprint Races- 60 YARDS  (Sprint Track 1 )


All children Register on the day in Marquee 50. 

Prizes for final 6 in both boys and girls. Heats will be held if more than 6 entries in each group


5/6 Year Old Boys and Girls in separate heats.  (Entries close 10.25hrs)


7/8 Year Old Boys and Girls in separate heats. (Entries close 14.05hrs)


9/10 Year Old Boys and Girls in Separate heats.  (Entries close 11.30hrs)


Track Racing


All register on the day in Marquee 50.  Cash Prizes for 1st, 2ndand 3rdin each final


200M 9-16yr old Boys & Girls.  (Entries Close 10.50hrs)


800M Track Race (9-16 Yr Old Boys & Girls). (Entries Close 11.55hrs)


800M Adult Track Race(Entries Close 14.40)




All register on the day in Marquee 50. Cash Prizes for 1st and medals for 1st, 2ndand 3rd .


U8s(Entries Close 11.30hrs)

U10s(Entries Close 10.50hrs)

U12s (Entries Close 14.20hrs)

U14s(Entries Close 12.50hrs)

U17s(Entries Clos 12.20hrs)


Fun Races

13.30-14.30hrs. No entry required, turn up and take part. 5 to 10 yrs. NOTE: SPRINT TRACK 2


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